Congress Wants to Give You $2,000 A Month. Here’s What We Know.

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As talks are currently happening surrounding a third stimulus check, you might be wondering, what comes next?

It’s no surprise that while a 3rd stimulus check will help, it certainly won’t relieve the burden of the pandemic entirely especially since the end is not near just yet.

Well, Congress has already been talking about that.

Last week, around 55 Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives signed a letter crafted by Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar, urging President Biden to back a plan for “recurring cash payments”.

These payments would go to both “adults and dependents” (including elderly dependents and children over age 16), payable not only to U.S. citizens but also “to all immigrant workers, refugees, and their families.”  

The amount?

As CBS News reported over the weekend, and Rep. Omar has confirmed, the targeted amount is $2,000 per month, “until the economy recovers.”  

So, that would be $2,000 of reoccurring payments monthly until the economy recovers.

Now, while this might seem crazy and cause an inflation of taxes, keep in mind that many countries already did this from the very start of the pandemic.

Canada has been giving their jobless residents $2,000 monthly from the start.

So, will it pass?

Well, of course we don’t know for certain but we do know there has support across the House, Senate, White House, and among voters.

It doesn’t guarantee that if passed, the amount of stimulus approved will be $2,000. And it doesn’t guarantee that such a stimulus would outlast the pandemic.

But at least they are talking about more ideas to help Americans beyond the current 3rd stimulus check that is being worked on right now.

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