Dear Parents, Being Confined to Our Homes with Our Family Is A Blessing In Disguise

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I know the uncertainty of what tomorrow brings is unsettling but you know what, everything we are going through is a blessing in disguise, here’s why…

Over the years, I’ve read story after story of families struggling, living paycheck to paycheck and how people in general are overworked, stressed and tired.

I am not going to lie, I’ve been there too.

And that is why, I think this whole self-isolation and social-distancing is a blessing in disguise (at least for some).

With us being home with our families, we get more time to watch our kids grow.

More time to spend with our spouses, to reconnect, to have intimate contact with.

More time to find ourselves again and truly think about what makes US happy.

More time to enjoy the very things we work so hard to obtain.

No longer do we have to choose our work over our families.

No more stress and exhaustion from being overworked.

Our family is THE priority right now. Keeping them fed, keeping them safe and keeping them close.

Is right now scary? Yes.

It is going to be tough? Also, yes.

Things may be weird, hard and uncertain for quite a while but it will entirely be worth it because we will have our family by our side the entire time.


I made a decision today that I would no longer let the uncertainty of tomorrow define my well-being or my everyday happiness.

While we don’t know what tomorrow may bring, we have a choice whether we make the best of it or not.

I decided that as I sit home with my kids figuring out what we will do next to avoid boredom, we will be together.

We will laugh together. We will cry together. We will be bored together.

We will get through this and if all that tomorrow brings is another day being stuck inside the same four walls, we will make the best of it TOGETHER.

I’m grateful for another day and while our situation may not be ideal, it really is a blessing in disguise. It gives us a chance to reconnect and spend time with the ones we love because time is the only thing we can never get back.

P.S. For those that are still working, thank you.

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