U-Haul Is Offering 30 Days Free Self-Storage for College Students During Coronavirus Outbreak

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College students are having to suddenly move out of dorms because of the coronavirus outbreak. U-Haul wants to help!

U-Haul is offering up to 30-days of free self-storage to students with college IDs. What a huge help that is!


We don’t know how every student is affected. But we know they are affected. More and more universities are giving instructions to leave campus and go home. Students and their parents are in need of moving and storage solutions. We have the expertise and network to help, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

U-Haul President John Taylor said on the company’s website

Colleges such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Cornell University, and Berea College have asked students to leave on-campus housing.


The 30 days free self-storage offer is typically extended to communities impacted by a natural disaster. This marks the first time U-Haul has extended the offer Company-wide


Students are having to find last-minute storage, housing, and transportation. We all know that most college students are broke and this is really putting them in a bind!


You can find out more on the U-Haul Website. Thanks for stepping up U-Haul! One day at a time y’all!


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