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7 Hogwarts Teachers You Probably Had IRL

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How many of these teachers did you have growing up?  At the time, we probably thought many of them were nastier than they actually were and didn’t give them full credit for all of their efforts to teach us all of the valuable lessons that we needed to learn (sometimes the hard way). Teaching is a tough job, even if you have a magic wand!

For all of you Muggles out there who never received your owl from Hogwarts, don’t feel bad. Your own education may have been more magical than you gave it credit for! See if you can recognize some of the Hogwarts faculty among the familiar faces of your own alma mater.


7 Hogwarts Teachers You Probably Had IRL

Sybil Trelawney (aka. “The Hot Mess”)– Often an eclectic literature teacher who has her head in the clouds (or in a book) and seems to find symbolism in everything. You may wonder how she ever got a position to teach (or what exactly is in all that herbal tea that she drinks), but you suspect that there is much more to her lurking beneath the surface.

Minerva McGonagall- (aka. “The Second Mother”)– With a glance, she will let you know when your behavior is not up to par. Like a mom, she is not afraid to let you know when you’re acting like an idiot, but is a softie at heart.  Whether it is a replacement broomstick or school supplies for a needy student, she’s not afraid to spend her own money to help her students succeed.

“Mad Eye” Moody- (aka. “The Scary Coach”)– This guy is very knowledgeable but definitely doesn’t have the patience to be a teacher and you have the feeling that he would turn all of you into ferrets if he could.  He’s more into practice than theory and seems preoccupied by other responsibilities.  If you can look past his gruff exterior which scares the bejeezus out of you, you know that you have a lot that you can learn from this guy.

Severus Snape- (aka. “The Sadist”)– There’s no winning with this guy. He is a tough-love teacher through and through but only in retrospect do you realize that he was trying to motivate you all of those times where he embarrassed you in front of your classmates or made you feel like you weren’t working hard enough.  His classroom management is severely lacking, but is still one of the best teachers you will ever have.

Pomona Sprout- (aka. “The Mad Scientist”)– This is the Science teacher that lets you do crazy, hands-on experiments in class (the messier the better). Her class is one of your favorites because of her engaging activities and her devil-may-care attitude about classroom safety.
If something happens to blow-up during one of your lab experiments, even better!

Remus Lupin- (aka. “The Extra Mile Teacher”)– This is the teacher that isn’t afraid to reach out to a student to ask how things are at home or if they’re really okay. You suspect that perhaps they haven’t had the easiest life and can empathize with students who need a helping hand.  They are also willing to tutor you after hours in order to help you succeed.  There’s something a little different about this teacher that you just can’t quite figure out, but you appreciate their open-heartedness and their willingness to help out.

Dolores Umbridge (aka. “The Warden”)– This lady can suck the air right out of the room just by walking through it. Usually a power-hungry Assistant Principal, she has the ability to turn a tardy into a federal offense and students cringe as she enters the room, lest she catch them breathing out of turn.  You’ll never understand how she got a job working with children, since you suspect that she would be the type of mother that would eat her own young.  (And how was she not a Death Eater?)


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