The Love, Um- Bow Tie?

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Okay, so you all know how perplexed I am about the love triangle.

(For those of you that don’t want to click, it’s basically that I’m stressed we call it a triangle when it is, in fact, a point.)

So, I got to thinking about it, and there is a way to make a triangle of sorts. In fact, there is a way to make two triangles… a bow tie, if you will.

Here’s the kicker: You need four players instead of just three.

(As always, you can click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Now, in order for the story to work, we need some attraction.

There’s the logical one, and usually where thing start out. The girls are both attracted to the Jock Hottie, and he has eyes for the Popular Girl, but the Geeky Cutie is hopessly in love with the Nerd Chick, and has been for–oh pretty much ever.

That’s a pretty typical start to a young adult story, but then it gets all muddled, and that’s where the fun starts. Jocks start falling for nerds, popular girls see geeks in a whole new light, and that drives the nerdy chick to realize how jealous it makes her–which makes the geek fall for the popular girl.

And we, of course, get the Bow Tie Of Love:

What I love about YA stories is, even looking at this–I have no idea how things are going to end, and that makes me happy. That’s the thing about high school–you never know what hormones are going to make you do or say, and we as writers have to remember that when we’re in our characters heads!

All I really know is, I love a man in a  bow tie…

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  1. Technically, couldn’t you switch around either the popular girl and jock hottie, or the nerd girl and the geeky cutie and call it a love square?

  2. You always crack me up! I love a man in a bow tie too! Where does the vampire fit in this triangle? I guess it depends if he’s a geek or not.
    Anyhow, I left you a surprise on my blog so stop by if you get a chance.

    .-= Lisa Green´s last blog ..I’m an Award Winning Author!! =-.

  3. The Bowtie of Love! You should totally patent that. (Or copyright it, or trademark it, or whatever the legal term is that I can’t think of. Some lawyer I am …)

    Maybe it’ll make bowties famous again. You could be credited with saving them from extinction. I see good things coming your way …

  4. Love the bow tie diagram.

    Made me hungry for my favorite pasta… I’ll never look at bow ties the same again. =)

  5. I’m convinced, it’s definitely a bow tie. LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog so that I could find yours!

    1. @@jmartinlibrary, haha I don’t think I can draw an ascot with my mouse… so yeah–there’s that 🙂

  6. Yep, that pretty much sums it up! I think I go against that in my books, though. In my current one, the main character is best friends with the popular girl and the nerdy guy is actually going after the popular girl when she wanted him to go after her. So it’s kind of a reverse of that bowtie.
    .-= Stephanie Faris´s last blog ..New Study Depresses Everyone =-.

    1. @Stephanie Faris, I love that there’s a bazillion different ways to make the bow tie awesome 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I loved your interview on Elana’s blog! She’s fantastic and I love meeting new blog peeps!
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..bad habits =-.

    1. @Jen, I TOTALLY agree. She’s the bees knees. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her!

  8. Coming to you from Elana’s blog and I’m looking forward to reading your entries in the future! I followed you on Google and Twitter. Oh, and thanks BTW… NOW I AM IN LOVE WITH WORDLE. 😉
    .-= B. Miller´s last blog ..Comments are Important! =-.

    1. @B. Miller, Wordle makes me a better writer. I always stick my book in there, and I also like to put in chapters that aren’t working, sometimes a word will stick out that I didn’t even NOTICE!

  9. Hi Jamie, I love the bow-tie of love. That’s hysterical. That was also a great interview on Elana’s blog. I hope great things are in store for you! 🙂

    1. @Jennie Englund, And that’s the mark of true genius, don’t you think. 🙂

  10. Hi Jamie, thanks for the follow. I’ve stopped by to return the favor.

    What a cute and funny post you have today. I love the imagery. Of course my YA novel works nothing like that. I have a male shy/nerdy MC by god!

    Actually with a little room for license your template could fit even my story. Obviously you didn’t mean to be completely literal, but that still is kind of neat.
    .-= Matthew´s last blog ..Dear Author =-.

    1. @Heather, hehe I believe the whole point is that it’s not a point this time 🙂

  11. I think I just laughed so hard that milk blew-out my nose. Gross. Not your blog-my laughing that hard. I love that you made sure there was symmetry in our YA-love geometry. Thank you for all your diligent work in that arena…
    .-= Chantal Kirkland´s last blog ..Dissecting a Happy-Ending-Aphobe =-.

      1. @HWPetty, At least I think I know how it ends… I wrote like 12k yesterday 🙂

      2. @Jamie, If you wrote like this all the time, you’d be the most prolific writer in history. 😉

        And I’m SOOOOO jealous. I’m still thinking through my ending. My muse told me that I’d think of it eventually.
        .-= HWPetty´s last blog ..All. Business. (aka: #YAFrenzy) =-.

      3. @HWPetty, The thing is, it wasn’t that hard. I just had to click off the wireless button on my computer 🙂

    1. @The Alliterative Allomorph, Okay, are you having trouble seeing it in your reader or what? Here, I’ll email you 🙂

    1. @Tiffany Neal, Hooray! I’m glad you like them! It was SO hard to draw a diagonal line with my mouse…