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March Review

As part of my goal to blog more this year, I decided to break it down month by month so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed with the idea of blogging every day of the year. So far, it’s been pretty successful–except that I haven’t actually made it an entire month with a blog post every week day yet.

And for March… Did I make it? Nope. No I did not. I missed the last day of the month. Yeah, I am not kidding here, I made it every single day up until the last, and then I couldn’t come up with something awesome… so I just didn’t blog.

Next time I’ll just post a funny video or something. 🙂

So, for the month of April–my goal still stands. I will blog every week day and throw in the occasional weekend post just to spice things up.

But enough about goals. Let’s talk about this past month. March is supposed to be one of those turning point months in the year. I believe it’s supposed to roar in and baah out, or something like that.

It mostly means we’re just standing out by our swimming pool wishing it would warm up enough for us to get in it. (FYI: Don’t attempt to jump in, because it will be the coldest experience of your life–I know this to be true.)

But, what does it mean writing wise? I finished my current novel and now I get to edit it. That’s the fun part.

I’ve got my first big writer’s conference coming up next weekend, and I get to meet my agent. I am super nervous, because I sometimes say dumb stuff in person, and she may decide that she doesn’t love me anymore.

I’ve done all sorts of reading, listening to speakers, etc. on how to act at a writing conference, but they were mostly all how not to pitch an agent in the restroom. There aren’t a lot of notes on how to act around your agent when you meet them for the first time. So, yeah–that stresses me out a bit.

Spring time means a lot of writing outside, and that makes me happy.

All in all, I didn’t have a whole lotta stuff going on in March, I got to be a part of Elana Johnson’s big author success story blogs, and that was beyond fun, but what I really want is for April to be a month of awesome.

So, let’s all cross our fingers and toes and hope for April to be the best damn month 2010’s ever seen?


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