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The Man Behind The Viral Color Changing Dress Has Been Arrested For Attempted Murder Of His Wife

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Remember that dang dress — you know the one — is it gold and white or blue and black?

Well, you are not going to believe the turn this dress story has taken!

He became internet famous in 2015 over his mother-in-law’s apparently color changing dress, but now he is becoming famous for something else.

Keir Johnston, from Scotland, appeared at the High Court in Glasgow on a surprising charge.

He is in large amounts of trouble for the attempted murder of his wife, Grace Johnston.

*Wide-Eyed Emoji*

Can you believe it?!?

If the charges are found to be true, this dude is pretty scary.

Apparently, Keir has 11-years of documented domestic violence acts and coercive control against his wife.

This 11-year tirade of terror culminated last March in the attempted murder of Grace. He supposedly held her down and compressed her neck.

Sounds to me like strangulation, right?!?

The allegations against Keir include that he repeatedly assaulted Grace at their home. He also grabbed a knife, before attempting to strangle her.

Keir has denied all of the allegations against him — no surprise, there.

This guy was hella controlling. He had a history of allegedly isolating Grace from friends and family, and even dragging her out of places when she refused to leave with him.

Aw, hell no! I wouldn’t go with the guy either!

The preliminary hearing and trial for Keir won’t happen until 2024, but we’ll keep you updated as more of the story unfolds.

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