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You Can Get An Inflatable Color Changing Dolphin That Looks Like It’s Dancing In Your Pool

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Who needs more pool floats? You may think you don’t but wait until you get a load of this one!


This pool float can stand on the water or on the ground, push it over and it will stand right back up!

There is a button on the bottom of the dolphin so that you can open it and fill with water or sand before inflating the dolphin.


Once the bottom of the dolphin is filled with sand or water it can stand up on the water or ground.

It’s shaped to look like a dolphin and has an LED light inside that makes it perfect for an evening swim.


The dolphin almost looks like it’s dancing as it floats across the surface of the water.

It comes with 6 batteries, and 2 batteries will give you more than 72 hours of light and then you have 4 extras for when those run out of power!

The remote control also comes with 2 batteries, one to power it and an extra one for later.


The LED lights can light up in 13 different colors and has 4 different light modes and 10 different brightness settings.

All of this is easily controlled with the remote!


The float is made with a high-quality PVC plastic that will last a long time.

The LED is designed to work in the water and is weather resistant with an IP67 waterproof class.


It would be fun to have a few of these to float on the surface for your next party!

You can order your Inflatable Color Changing Dolphin on Amazon!


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