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A New Study Has Determined ‘Sinister’ Is The Scariest Movie Ever Made

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I love a good horror film! Some of my favorites are ones that most of you have never watched and they are quite scary!

Broadband Choices

Recently Broadband Choices conducted a study called “The Science of Scare” to determine which movie was the scariest movie ever. They really did get scientific with it too!

First they had to do some research and find 50 of the best horror films ever made, before subjecting them to the test subjects. They then played over 120 hours of the horror movies to a panel of 50 people.

Each person was wearing a heart rate monitor to measure which movies got their blood pumping the most.

Broadband Choices

The study used the average resting heart rate of 65 BMP. They then compared that to an average rate during the movie including the highest spike.

You know how those dang jump scares are! They get me EVERY time!


It turns out that ‘Sinister’ was the winner of the “scariest” movie!

Momentum Pictures

The study participants had a heart rate that was about 32 percent higher than normal at 86 BPM. Then a big spike of 131 BPM!

Broadband Choices

‘Insidious’ came in second, but it did win for the largest spike in heart rate at 133 BPM. ‘The Conjuring’ was third with a 20 BPM difference and a spike of 129 BPM.

Broadband Choices

I can think of a few that were not on the list that are much scarier! I’m a bit shocked that ‘The Exorcist’ was all the way down the list at 17! I still have nightmares from watching that as a kid.

What do YOU think the scariest movie is?

Broadband Choices

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