Some Schools Are Banning Students From Wearing Pajamas While Doing Online Learning

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So, you have made the tough decision, weighed the pros and cons, and decided to keep your child at home for the school year. Or, maybe it was a forced decision by the school district.

Whatever the reason, your child is now attending school from home.

You know they are going to have to get on Google Meets — or something similar — to attend school remotely, but have you thought about their dress code?

That is probably way, way, way down on your list of priorities right now.

Did you know, there are school districts around the country, including ours, that say your child can NOT wear pajamas while logging into school.

You might be thinking, “Pajamas are clothes. Why does it even matter?”

The thinking, for some, is that wearing school clothes is a way to show respect when the child shows up “for class” on the computer. Much like if the child were actually going into a school building, they should dress for the part.

In one Illinois school district, which has this No Pajama rule, parents are saying that the school should not be allowed to dictate what happens in their own home. Instead, the district should focus on educating the children.

I must say, they aren’t wrong.

Some schools are also saying that students can’t join the virtual class from their beds. They have to have a clean, dedicated space that is conducive to learning and doing schoolwork.

I mean, I get where they are coming from. Most kids NEED that structure. They need the discipline of a dedicated workspace. They need a place to write down what they are being taught.

But, again, is it the school district’s business what the child does in their own home? If the child is being attentive and participating in class, and especially if they are completing all their work, does it really matter WHERE they watch the lesson from?

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what we think. The school district is going to set these rules and guidelines as a means to show uniformity to all students. You can’t really fault them for that.

Just go with it. In the grand scheme of things, it is such a small inconvenience. If your child were going to school, they’d have to get up and get ready. You may as well continue that tradition, even though they are going to school at home.

It will essentially put your child in the right frame of mind to get their school work done. And, let’s face it, the sooner they get their school work done, the sooner you can get on with your day, AMIRITE?!?

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