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Here’s Everything We Know About HBO Max

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There’s a new streaming service that has entered the ring of amazing contenders like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Apple TV.

HBO Max launched this week, and we are wondering why we should pick up this streaming service when we already pay a monthly fee for all the others.

HBO Max is going to be your exclusive streaming service for shows like Game of Thrones, FRIENDS, Big Bang Theory, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air as well as movies like Joker, Casablanca, and Wizard of Oz.


Yes, it is going to cost a little more than the other services — fifteen bucks, to be exact — but it’s got some pretty stellar shows and movies that pack a punch.


In addition to the shows listed above, it is going to be the home of The Sopranos, Big Little Lies, and Succession.


It will also carry ALL eight of the Harry Potter movies, which is HUGE, and it will also stream DC Comic flicks, like Batman.

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

There is NO DOUBT HBO Max is a GREAT streaming service, but you need to take something else into account. If you use ROKU or Amazon Fire streaming devices with your television, you won’t be able to access HBO Max.


That’s not to say you won’t be able to get it on ROKU or Amazon Fire in the future, it just isn’t available as of now. There is not a timeline for availability, so take that into consideration.


It also gets a little confusing when talking about HBO Max, HBO Now, and HBO Go. Here’s the breakdown:

There’s HBO Max, HBO Now and HBO Go. What’s the difference between them? HBO Max is a stand-alone streaming platform for customers, which, Pichman explained, will replace HBO Now. “If you’re a cord cutter and paying for HBO Now, now you’re paying for HBO Max,” he said. HBO Go is the streaming platform for customers who already have the channel.

Market Watch

So, you have to decide. Is the extra fifteen bucks a month — on top of your Disney+, Netflix, HULU, and Apple TV — worth the programming?

ALSO, come july, the Peacock network is slated to start streaming — so there’s that, too. But, that is a whole different post.

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