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You Can Now Watch All Eight Harry Potter Movies on HBO Max and I’m So Ready

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I have a confession, I have never watched the Harry Potter movies. I think I watched like half of the first one. I didn’t even realize there were 8 of them! It’s not that I don’t want to watch them, I just haven’t had the chance really.

HBO Max will be streaming all 8 of the Harry Potter movies and maybe this is my chance to finally check the series off my list.

This reminds me, I should probably make a list because I am so scatterbrained that I forget what movies are out there that I need to watch!


HBO has finally launched and users of the new service were surprised to see all of the movies. There wasn’t an announcement that I saw saying they would be there, but they are. It seems like this was a last-minute plan to have them all available. Surprise!

Apparently, WarnerMedia couldn’t guarantee that the Harry Potter films would be available at the launch of HBO Max, but things changed at the last minute and they were under contract and ready!


So now you can sign in to HBO Plus and watch your favorite Wizards do their thing. As I said, I haven’t watched them, don’t hate me. But now I can stream them all and finally know what y’all are always talking about. Like what the heck ACCIO means. I dunno?


Like, will I get to choose a Hogwarts house if I watch them all? If so, how do I do that? Fill this old woman in on it all! Or maybe I just do one of those Facebook quizzes and it chooses for me?


I mean, I’ll finally know what the heck Polyjuice is! Right? I need to learn all the things. Especially working here at Totally The Bomb, I mean the owner even wrote a book about Harry Potter that is filled with awesome Harry Potter crafts. I can at least get my own pencil wand prepared!

It will be great to finally be able to contribute to conversations about these things because I am tired of feeling lost, alone, and confused. Like an outcast from the wizarding world of Harry Potter.


Can someone tell me, do we wear a certain color on Wednesdays or anything? I have so much to learn! I don’t even know who all of the characters are! Eek! Don’t worry, soon I will be informed of all things, Harry Potter.


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