A Snake in An All Female Enclosure Got Pregnant with Her Clones- I Blame Jurassic Park

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Get ready to have your mind blown – A Snake in An All Female Enclosure Got Pregnant with Her Clones- I Blame Jurassic Park.

Credit: (New England Aquarium)

Now this sounds like something that would be a cruel joke but it’s entirely true and the story is CRAZY!

Honestly, I wish I were kidding too because a snake reproducing itself is terrifying…

Credit: (New England Aquarium)

According to reports, staffers at the New England Aquarium last winter were setting up for an after-hours event near the Amazon rain forest exhibit when they made an unexpected discovery.


Unexpected as in they found that Anna the anaconda had given birth to a litter of baby snakes.

The weirdest part – she was in an all female enclosure.

Now, if you thought that perhaps a male had accidentally been placed in there, think again.

Staff double checked to ensure all the snakes were indeed female and the were.

So, let’s process this shall we?

A giant snake – 30 pounds, 8 years old and 10 feet long – had given birth to her CLONES.

How is this even possible you might ask?

Well, I blame Jurassic Park, maybe mama snake watch it too many times (and honestly, haven’t we all?) but in reality, it is a rare reproductive strategy called parthenogenesis, which means that a female organism can self-impregnate. She does not need a man-aconda.

The word itself is of Greek origin and translation means virgin birth.

Yes, a virgin snake gave birth to her babies.

While some of the baby snakes lived, most of them were stillborn. Only about 3 were alive and lived. Again, most likely due to the circumstances of how mom-aconda became pregnant.

So, now we all need to be terrified that our snakes, spiders and other slithery and creepy crawlies are going to start reproducing on their own!!

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