Royal Caribbean Cruise Is Giving A Refund On All Cruises Through July

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I have seen friends posting all over social media worried about upcoming travel because of the Coronavirus. A lot of these friends have cruises scheduled and are stressed about being on a ship.

Well, Royal Caribbean is offering something to help ease some of those fears!


They totally get the fear and concern, so they’ve come up with a plan to help people who have already paid for their cruise.

Royal Caribbean will let you cancel any cruise that sets sail from now through July 31, 2020.


It can be a booking you already have or one you that you make right now. You can cancel your trip, and get cruise credit for a future sailing. 


If you are stressing out, you can cancel. You just need to give them at least 48 hours notice before you are scheduled to set sail. You do have to call them to do this.

Royal Caribbean

When you cancel, you’ll receive a Future Cruise Credit. The credit can be used toward any cruise that sets sail through December 31, 2021.

When you reschedule, if the cruise fare on the new booking exceeds the Future Cruise Credit’s value, you will have to pay the difference.


But, if the new cruise fare is lower than the Future Cruise Credit’s value, a new Future Cruise Credit will be issued for the remaining balance. So you will not lose out!

If you purchased any pre-cruise packages, they will be refunded to you. This is for things like beverage packages and shore excursions.


This is pretty cool, considering cruising is my favorite time to travel.

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  1. Not True! Just got off a 4 hr call with Royal Caribbean and they are robbing people. I planned a cruise on 4/12 for a family of 4. They will only give me a cruise credit for 1 person. I lose the money on my wife and both kids. Use to brag about Royal Caribbean but you suck!

    1. That’s what I wanted to know. Is it a FULL credit or partial? I tried calling, but couldn’t get through.