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You Can Plant Seeds That Grow Rainbow Carrots and I Need Some

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If you want to bring some creativity and color to your meals, this is one way to do it. Rainbow Carrots are so colorful and sometimes kids are more likely to eat them because it’s a rainbow of food!

You can grow a fun mix of colored carrots easily right at home! Imagine the excitement from the kids as they pick the carrots and get a surprise with each one being different.


All you need to do is order the rainbow carrots heirloom seeds, which are grown in the USA. Then surface sow them into a rich compost and keep moist.


Carrots grow best in cooler conditions, so keep that in mine while planting or placing your container garden. They rainbow carrots about 70 days to fully mature.


I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat a carrot with a name like “Cosmic Purple”? Here is a list of the names and c.olors of the rainbow carrots.

  • RED CORE CHANTENAY: These are crisp and sweet. The outside is reddish-orange in color.
  • SCARLET NANTES- These have a fine-grained flesh with a very fine flavor. Scarlet in color.
  • KYOTO RED – Sweet crimson Japanese heirloom
  • SNOW WHITE- Pale in color, nearly white and slender in shape. The original heirloom.
  • SOLAR YELLOW – Cool color, great sweet flavor.
  • COSMIC PURPLE – Purple outside, orange inside.
  • LITTLE FINGERS – Baby carrots, even when mature. Tender and sweet.

You can purchase a pack of 350 non-GMO seeds from SmartSeedsEmporium on Etsy for only $5.95! The shop reviews are wonderful, so no worries there! Are you ready to grow a rainbow?


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