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This 93-Year-Old Grandma And Her Grandson Play Dress Up and It is The Best Thing On The Internet

I am completely jealous, and a little in love, with the relationship between Ross Smith and his Granny.

I have followed their hilarious Instagram feed for a while, but it just keeps getting better!

Ross Smith has just about the coolest Granny on the planet — Sorry, Grandma.

There’s not much that Pauline Kanna — aka, Granny — won’t do for the sake of a good Instagrams post. There also isn’t much that Ross won’t ask her to do, and we are really okay with that.

Never has there been a more quirky BFF team, and it simply works! They are just the cutest together!

With over 2.7 million followers, they must be doing SOMETHING right.

The world seems to love this unconventional team, and I definitely agree!

This duo has been creating funny content for more than six years, and I’m hoping it keeps on for at least six more years!

I wish we could all have a special bond like Ross has with his Granny!

If you want to follow them, too, they are on Instagram as smoothsmith8. Go check them out!

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