Books That Rock – Divine Misfortune

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I read a great book while I was camping this weekend, Divine Misfortune by A. Lee Martinez.* It was cute without being too cute, fun without being too funny, and just all around awesome.

Now, I know this isn’t the normal kind of book I write about, but it was just too good NOT to mention to you guys. You see it’s all about goofy deities and plain ‘ol normal people–but of course it’s so much better than that.

Isn’t that cover freakin’ awesome? It totally tells the story in one shot, too. I just think it’s cute that the gods aren’t the gods we all know and love, and the monsters and such aren’t like the monsters we always read about–well, they ARE, but in a totally different and kick butt way.

Just go read the book. Trust me, it won’t disappoint.

*Sure, he says the A stands for Awesome, but he tells lies for a living… just sayin’.

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