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Stupid Twi-Clone Syndrome!

twilightcloneSo, I am reading a friend’s book, and she has a love triangle in the plot. What’s the first thing I say to her?

Oh be careful with that you don’t want to be a twilight clone.

Damn you Meyer! She wrote her triangle in such a pivotal way that the rest of us are scared to have them in our books for fear of being accused of being a twilight clone. This sucks, because love is such a huge part of young adult novels. It’s what girls are thinking about in high school. Heck it’s what girls are thinking about pretty much from the time they get boobs until they walk down the aisle.

Hey, I’m just keeping it real here folks.

So, here’s my question… how can we tell a love story–include a love triangle and epic love– and NOT be accused of being the next Meyer clone. What makes it work? What makes our stories special and different?

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