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Plotza – Because It’s All About The Layers

I was talking to a friend about writing stories the other day. You see, I’m working on something right now and it just didn’t feel like it had enough oomph. I knew there was something missing, I just couldn’t put my finger on it–then we got to talking about the layers of a story.

Well, that quickly turned into layered food, because–dude I make a lot of food analogies. And so, Plotza was created.

The thing about pizza plotza is, all the pieces are good by themselves. Cheese is gooey, who doesn’t love pepperoni or sausage, the dough is yumtastic, and then there’s the sauce–mmmm.

That’s how your story should be. When you take it apart and look at the different elements, they should all be good, but when you put them together, they better be fantastic.

We start with the dough- This where the story happens, it’s the characters.. it’s what everything else sits on top of. Without it, your pizza will fall apart, and that’s just messy.

Then you have the sauce- The thing about the sauce is, it’s in every part of the pizza, but it doesn’t overpower the whole thing. It’s there in the background, moving things along–making them yummy.

We can’t forget the cheese- Sure, you can have pizza without cheese, but dude–why would you want to? That’s what the romance is all about for me.

Without the toppings, it’s just Cheese Pizza- When you’re little, cheeze pizza is where it’s at. You want things simple, no need to over complicate them toppings and such, but we’re not writing early learner books here–we need some toppings to spice things up and make it more interesting. That’s just what the little mini conflicts throughout the story do.

So, how do you take your Plotza?

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