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April Review

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It’s that time. The time where I waste an entire day’s worth of blog posting to wrap up the month.

You know, though–it isn’t really  a waste for me because it kind of puts the last 30 or so days in perspective, and I usually get a sense of accomplishment when I see all the stuff I’ve done.

Yeah, my ego is that big.

The Writing

  • I know that most of you are here because of the writing, we’ve met through various forms of internet crying over works in progress, query woes, etc. The other day I was listening to the radio and I heard someone talking about people who pretended to write novels but never really got it done. That’s when I realized something.
  • I’ve written an entire book. The whole thing, start to finish, with a plot, characters, settings, and everything else a book needs. (I’ve actually written three, but you know what I mean.) So, that’s an accomplishment in and of itself. If you’ve written a whole book, you’re a badass.
  • I haven’t made a huge deal out of it or anything, but I got a new agent this month. It’s the Fabulous Mary Kole. She’s with the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, and they’re like the Chuck Norris of kid’s publishing, so I’m way lucky to have her. We met at the DFW Writer’s conference earlier this month, and it was meant to be. Trust me when I say I knew about seven seconds in to meeting this girl that she and I would be working together in the publishing industry for a long time.
  • For those of you wondering what happened with my old agent, she had to take a sabbatical from the agenting business for a whole to take care of a sick family member. I’ll miss her a ton, and hope she gets to come back to the wide world of publishing soon. I actually met her at the writer’s conference, too– and she helped me set up things with Mary the Magnificent.
  • I’ve finished the beta read draft of a book, and I plan to send it out soon. I’m extremely lucky to have had so many people ask to read it. You guys rock my socks for that, and I am totally going to take you all up on that offer.

The Non Writing

  • We got a new dog this month. Well, he’s not technically new–he’s my old dog from when I was in high school that has been living with my parents all these years. They travel a lot, so he lives with me now. That is, if he can stop peeing on my carpet. That’s just gross.
  • We also got a new fence. I hate home construction. Even when it’s outside, it puts your whole life in a state of messy mcmessyness.

I’m fairly sure more stuff happened this last month, but I’ve already rambled on for too long, so let me just say that April was a huge month, and I’ve decided my May goal will be to blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

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