Super Scared to Read Out Loud!

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IMG_2297-1So, on Wednesday, I will be attending the DFW Writer’s Workshop for the second time. Last week I went as just an observer. (Oh, who am I kidding… I can’t do anything as an observer. I started talking and critting people’s work almost immediately*. )

Let me just start by saying that this is an amazing group, and home to the ever impressive Rosemary Clement-Moore. So, it’s like running with the big dogs now.

The thing is… I am a little ascared the big dogs might chew me up and spit my Pomeranian out.

What if they laugh at me?

What if they say I can’t write?

What if they say it all behind my back, and I never know?

or worse… What if they say it to my face?

So, I have big plans to read the first chapter of my YA Superhero novel, Sketch McGee like a million bazillion times this week… until it sounds perfection. Then I will read it out loud for those people, and hope I don’t throw up.

(But, I think I’ll bring a paper bag–just in case.)

*I can never spell immediately right. I always spell it wrong the first time. Thank Jeebus for spellchecker. Ya know?

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  1. Yeah, so Jamie shows-up last night at the workshop. Yeah – she blew it out of the water. She did such a good job, the room was stunned. And she didn’t even throw-up. She’s a superstar. And any agent or publisher that regects her work is totally shooting themselves in the foot. As an avid YA reader (and writer, incidentally), her work ROCKS!

    I can’t wait to see her in print.

  2. You will do great! Writing a whole novel is about one of the bravest things a person can do, let alone sending out to the world to read and either reject or accept it. You’re way stronger and more talented that you realize. I’ve read Sketch and it rocks, they’ll love it too!

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