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Okay, for all you non-writerly types–there’s this little thing called NaNoWriMo. It’s a huge deal for a lot of writers. Basically they spend the month of November writing an entire book. It’s supposed to be pretty fun and crazy stressful, but in the end you get a tangible book that you can revise and turn into something great.

It sounds like fun, but I didn’t participate.

I’m way disappointed that I didn’t. People everywhere are talking about getting their 50k done and actually getting to edit their little baby books. That’s my favorite part of the process. That very first read-through where you laugh at yourself and your silly mistakes. When your book is supposed to suck and it’s not a big deal to have piles upon piles of typos.

So, here’s me saying that NEXT year I am totally gonna do it. Got that internet? Next November I’m in. You can quote me. 🙂

Stephanie Perkins

Wednesday 2nd of December 2009

I hope you do! It was my third year participating, and it felt GOOD. There's a wonderful sense of community, too.

Not to, you know, rub it in your face or anything.

Really, it's terrible.

You'd hate it.

You should be glad you didn't do it!

Or something like that ;)