February Review

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Okay, first off–Holy Crap February was short. How am I sitting here writing my monthly wrap up post?

So, let’s start with the writing. I’m still hard at work on my gamer girl book, but it’s not finished. So, writing is well, but nothing exciting to announce or anything.

Daughter is loving the new preschool. Super happy about that, and we are loving the new house. Although, I should seriously get that one room unpacked… argh.

Bloggy stuff is going really well. The storysaurus has his own store, and people are commenting on my posts!

You. Guys. Are. Actually. Commenting.

This is kind of crazy for me that people care enough about what I have to say on my little ‘ol blog to comment back. The thing is, it makes blogging like a million times more fun…

That’s the thing about blogging–a lot of times you feel like you’re just kind of talking to no one, and then you’ll be at dinner with friends and someone will say, “Oh, you know… like on your blog?”

Then I sit there in silence for a few stunned seconds thinking, “Are they talking about my blog? they can’t be.” I smile and play it off like it’s no surprise to me that they read whatever random crap I’m talking about that day, but in reality I’m all surprised and crap.

When more people are reading your blog and commenting, it makes you feel like you have to say important, interesting, entertaining things… which brings me to my next point.

I didn’t make my goal for February.

What? Leave me alone! I know that February only has 28 days and that my blogging goal was to write a post every week day, and I didn’t do it because I suck. There was this one day that I thought about things to post all day, and realized they were all super boring so
I yelled at my husband for not being interesting enough for me to write about on my blog and then I took a nap. (Yeah, I’m not sure why he’s still married to me, either.) But the thing is, I didn’t come up with anything awesome that day–and I didn’t blog.

Growl. That’s two months I didn’t make my goal, but I am really growing my blog into something fun, and I am having a good time doing it. So, at the risk of ruining myself by not making my goal three times in a row…

I will blog every weekday in March.

Ugh, I am cringing just thinking about not making that goal. Dammit. This time I’mma going to DO it!

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  1. PLEASE hold me accountable for this also!

    Or maybe don’t.

    Because then I’ll get mad and stomp my feet like my two year old when you tell me I need to blog when I don’t feel like it.

    Here I am schizophrenic as usual. I don’t know what I want!! 🙂

    But good luck to you!!
    .-= Tiffany Neal´s last blog ..Blog Bum =-.

    1. @Tiffany Neal, haha that’s how I always feel, but I can say with complete honestsy that pretty much the only way to build a blog is to write in it EVERY day!
      .-= Jamie´s last blog ..February Review =-.

    1. @Miriam Forster, haha don’t they? I also like responding to the comments… it’s like a neverending circle of commenting awesomeness 🙂