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Ten Years’ll Give You Such a Crick In The Neck!

Bonus points if you recognize the quote…

So, it’s the end of the decade, correct? Last time we were partyin’ like it was 1999.

Um, except we aren’t all stockpiling canned goods and worried that computers would take over the world. But, if the computer overlords look anything like this skin job, then I for one–welcome them.


But–hey I am supposed to be talking about ten years ago. So, let’s stop looking at sexy cylons and get on with this blog post. Oh, alright we can look at one more…

Leoben. I totally wanted him to be Kara’s baby daddy. I always root for the underdog.

Okay, Okay… so where was I ten years ago.

College. It was awesome. I freakin’ loved college, and if you are young and thinking about not attending college–think again. It’s well worth your time. It’s pretty much the best time you’ll ever have, and it’s supposed to be that way. So, live it up!

It was my sophomore year in school, so I still lived in the dorms. (Side note: dorm life also=awesome) I hadn’t really picked a major yet, so I was really just there to learn how to be a person.

I lived in a college town, wore pajamas to class, stayed up until five in the morning, and laughed with my friends any chance I got.

In the last ten years I:

  • earned a college degree
  • taught kindergarten
  • married a cool guy
  • had a kid
  • quit said kindergarten teaching job
  • became a full time stay at home mom
  • opened up an online scrapbook store
  • sold the online scrapbook store
  • taught scrapbooking at a local scrapbook store
  • got really bored with scrapbooking and gave it up
  • realized I finally had the chance to write a book (which is what my college degree is for)
  • wrote said book
  • decided said book was crap
  • wrote another book
  • got an agent for the second book

Then, moved back to said college town, write books in my pajamas, stay up until five in the morning and laugh with my friends any chance I get.

Dude–my life right now is kind of like college.


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