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Snow White, Doing Wonders for Women’s Rights

Let me just say that Snow White is one of my all time favorite movies. It holds serious sentimental value for me, because it was the first movie I ever saw in the theater, and it was a special outing with my mom I’ll never forget.

So, yesterday when Snow White was on the Disney channel. My daughter jumped and down a bit, extra excited to watch with me, and we snuggled up on the couch to enjoy a classic.

Then, the writer in me started analyzing the characters.

Uh Oh. That almost never ends well.

Okay, let’s start with Snow White herself. She’s pretty enough, and it’s nice to see a dark haired princess in the face of blondes everywhere. But, HOLY MOLY, is she dumb. She wanders around in the forest in her poofy sleeved dress giggling with the animals, and then somehow makes the amazing decision to go inside an empty cabin miles and miles away from everything with no one to hear her scream.

Then, when we think she can’t be any crazier… she decides the people living there MUST be children because they seem to be quite tiny–and instead of like getting help or whatever, she then proceeds to CLEAN THEIR HOUSE and make some dinner.

Yeah, because that’s what I’d do.

Then there are the dwarfs. What are they? Frat boys? Just a bunch of manly men hanging out in a shiny jewel mine all day long, and then they head back to their dirty house while singing a little ditty. Good thing Snow White was hot, or they might have kicked her out right there and then.

We can’t forget about the hero of the day, Prince Charming. Nothing like a man in tights to show up at the last minute and save the day.

But, there is a saving grace to this movie–The Queen. Her magic mirror tells her there’s someone prettier, and she isn’t having any of that. So, she does something about it. I kind of respect her for that, I mean–not the plans to kill Snow and put her heart in a box (Don’t even get me started on that inappropriate for child event) but, you know–the wanting something and going for it.

Disney doesn’t always get it wrong though, here are a couple of heroines I can get behind…

And of course, the girl who saves Hercules…

Today I want to know, What shows are totally ruined for you because you’re a writer?

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