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People Are Trying To Ban ‘Grease’ And I Just Don’t Get It

‘Grease’ is one of my all-time favorite movies and seeing people trying to take it out has me pretty bothered. Can we just cancel “cancel culture” already? Can we all just accept that we don’t all have the same feelings about things?

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First, let’s remember that ‘Grease’ came out in the late 1970s. It is a great musical that we love to watch as a family. Why is it just now an issue? Years and years as a favorite for so many people.

It was screened by the BBC on Boxing Day, and apparently, people now feel the need to over-analyze the movie. Y’all, seriously… it’s been out for like 40 something years.

‘misogynistic’, ‘rapey’ ‘slut-shaming’

Just a few of the terms used by critics recently to describe the movie were ‘misogynistic’, ‘rapey’ and ‘slut-shaming’. Some of them have started calling for the removal of ‘Grease’.

My daughters and I see this movie in a completely different way. Sandy totally stood up for herself throughout the movie. She did what she wanted to. She knocked Danny down to reality as well.

In fact, when she did dress up at the end of the movie… that was her choice. She then told him that he better shape up!

Also, let’s talk about Rizzo! She smokes, drinks, and does not care what others think of her. She did her own thing in a movie that was set in the 50s!

If this movie successfully gets banned and canceled, then you can expect many of our favorite classics to go the same route. Thankfully, there are just as many people defending the movie as there are bashing it.

Don’t like something? Just don’t watch it! So easy!

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