Paula Abdul Just Straight Up Lip Synced Her Way Through Her Greatest Hits at The BBMA’s

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Paula is like old enough to be your mom, or maybe even your grandma, but she popped out in a KILLER black leotard and danced her heart out for tonight’s BBMA’s

Only one problem, her lip sync was so off it was hard to take her seriously.

I am not even sure she knows the words


But her choreography was pretty on point.

To be fair, she did do a lot of flips and stuff.

And she smacked Julianne Hough in the face with a hat. So there’s that.

Still though, it was like she wasn’t even trying with the words.

At one point she stopped singing all together and just started chatting with the fans.

At least she covered all her bases.


Oh, Paula.

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  1. Paula Abdul, WHY LIP SYNCING?? I know you can sing live. Why award shows allow this!!!! The audience there were like so into it and it is shameful and idiotic!!!!

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