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11 Easy Ways To Immediately Cut Expenses And Save Money

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but prices are getting a bit out of control.

Not JUST on gas, but on food, entertainment, housing, vehicles — and EVERYTHING else.

Inflation hasn’t hit toilet paper and paper towels yet, but I’m calling it, it’s coming.

So, how do we cut our expenses? Because — and I’m serious right now — you need to be saving as much money as you can.

11 Easy Ways To Immediately Cut Expenses

I’m gonna have to brace you for this first one. It’s like ripping off a band-Aid. A Band-Aid that has fused to your skin or has stuck to your hair.

1) Cut The Cable

I know. I know. It’s like a sweet crutch — a comforting blanket that you know is going to be waiting for you when you get off work.

You probably already have streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Max. Learn the fine art of binge watching shows from services you already pay for.

I canceled cable about 5 years ago. It was one of the HARDEST addictions to kick, but it saved me about $120 a month.

And, you know what, I don’t miss it. Like, at all.

2) Cut Out Your Gym Membership

I mean, if you’re like MOST of America, you have a gym membership — with GREAT intentions of using it — but you haven’t been in forever.

If you want to get your sweat on, you can do things around your house or neighborhood.

Watch FREE classes online, jog, push-ups, squats, take the stairs, park far out in parking lots — be creative.

OR — and this is NOT SPONSORED — you can join a less expensive gym. I have a membership to Planet Fitness, and it’s only $10 a month.

3) Cut Out Buying Name Brand

Ouch. I know. But, tough times, my friend.

You can save a lot of money by buying generic. It may seem like just $1 or $2 here or there, but it adds up substantially.

4) Hit Up Those Secondhand Stores

There are more and more secondhand stores popping up all the time.

No longer is Goodwill your only choice.

I’m sure Goodwill is great. I, personally, can’t even handle walking in my local Goodwill.

There are, however, about 15 other secondhand retailers in my town — some of which deal only in name brand clothing — and I live in a TINY town.

I’m sure in a bigger town you would be able to find a goldmine of secondhand stores.

5) Use Alternative Transportation

I don’t know if you noticed, but gas prices are out of freaking control.

Looking for alternative ways to get around can literally save you HUNDREDS a month.

Buses, bicycles, trains, walking to places that are close. Even taking the occasional Uber can save you money over driving everywhere.

6) Eat At Home

This is a BIG one. We are a culture that LOVES to eat out at restaurants.

We love the fast food. We love the sit-down meals, We even love the fancy-schmancy places from time to time.

BUT, think about how much you would save by planning your meals, and eating at home.

7) Use A Pickup Service For Your Groceries

Places like Walmart, Target, Aldi, and countless other stores are now offering a pay online and pick up at the curb service, and it’s usually free (sometimes you have to spend over a certain amount).

Do it.

It eliminates impulse buying — which you know we ALL do.

8) Switch To Reusable Items

This one has to be a conscious decision. It’s tough to get used to. But, think about how much it will save!

Instead of paper towels, consider using rags or towels. Instead of plastic baggies, you can get reusable silicone bags.

You can even take it old school, and use things like clean margarine containers and clean pickle jars to store things. Maybe mom was right, afterall.

9) Make A Budget, And Actually Stick To It.

Booooo. Nobody likes sticking to a budget.

But, these days call for the necessity of having a budget and sticking to it.

We use a cash and envelope system.

We take our paychecks, and get the cash from the bank. Then we separate all our bills into envelopes — food, rent, daycare, etc.

10) Start A “Sinking Fund”

A sinking fund is quite simple. It is a way to set aside a little bit each month for something you know will inevitably happen.

Car repairs, broken washers and dryers, medical expenses, air conditioner goes out. The list goes on.

You can use the envelope system mentioned above, and save a little out of every paycheck into an envelope labeled “Sinking Fund.”

11) Cancel Forgotten Or Unused Subscriptions

This might seem painful. But, take a gander at everything you are paying for every month.

When I actually looked at my monthly bank statement, there were things I wasn’t even using, but I was paying for.

Online magazine subscriptions, FIRE subscriptions that my kids haven’t used in years, gaming services that we only use like once a month, a streaming network that we never watch, a membership to a website that I haven’t been to in over a year. So. Many. Things.

I don’t care what you do. Just, please take my advice. It’s time to be saving as much money as you can. Even if we DON’T go into a recession, you will build up a little bit of a “nest egg.” Which is always nice, AMIRITE?!?

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