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Carole Baskin Was Eliminated From Dancing With The Stars and People Are Excited About It

If you missed out on Dancing With The Stars last night the big thing you need to know is, CAROLE BASKIN WAS ELIMINATED!!


If it sounds like I am excited, it is because I am and I am not alone!

It’s no surprise that many (including myself) believe that Carole Baskin killed her husband and has gotten away with it.


Besides that, she was a terrible dancer so it was only a matter of time we’d see her eliminated from the show.

Last night was Disney night on Dancing With The Stars and Carole Baskin went extra crazy with that… She performed a samba to the Lion King’s hit song “Circle of Life.”


Yeah, it was strange… but after her performance the judges struggled to come up with positive things to say about it.


“I’m stunned,” said judge Bruno Tonioli. “I actually have never, ever seen a samba like this one. I don’t know where to begin — but if you were dancing with the Brooklyn Bridge, you could get more bounce.”

Yikes! But viewers felt the same and are actually celebrating her elimination!

So, Carole Baskin is no more!! You can watch her weird and sort of painful performance below. Brace yourself!

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