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Snoop Dogg Launched His Own Wine and You Can Get a Bottle For Only $12

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Snoop Dogg has this way of sticking around and relating to several generations of people. He has a huge variety of friends, including Martha Stewart. Well, he has just released his own wine with 19 Crimes!

Snoop partnered up with 19 Crimes to create his very own bottle called the Snoop Cali Red. 19 Crimes has the coolest labels on their wine and now you can get one that features Snoop Dogg! The bottles are cool to collect!

19 Crimes

The winery is based in Australia and this is their first premier California vino. Snoop was along for the entire process in California, tasting, and tweaking it until it was just what he wanted it to be.


Full and dense, with strong black & blue fruit notes up front from the Petite Sirah, complemented by bright red, slightly candied fruit in the background from the Zinfandel. The darkly toasted oak ties it all together along with a slightly sweet finish.

19 Crimes Product Description

The wine community is just about as good as the cannabis community. Because it is always great conversation, peace and good food. It is very social at the end of the day.

Snoop told CNN Travel

Snoop had a reason he wanted to partner with 19 Crimes for his wine. He told CNN Travel that the 19 Crimes brand represents and celebrates second chances.


We all have a past which is part of the journey and builds character. I wouldn’t be who I am without my past, and I appreciate celebrating folks who have reinvented themselves along the way.

Snoop told CNN Travel

You can pick up a bottle of 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Red for only $12! Near me, they sell 19 Crimes at Kroger, Walmart, Target, and all of the local package stores.

19 Crimes

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