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The Weakness.

When I think about characters, they start out perfect. My gamer geek is actually a hot as hell bimbo blonde who kicks butt, my teachers are wonderful caring people that want to nurture and such… and of course there’s the guys.

The first drafts of my guys are super model-quins who love unconditionally and overlook all the faults of those leading ladies.

But, um that’s kind of boring.

And, you know… unrealistic.

I’m not saying that your characters can’t fit into stereotypes. Hell, a certain amount of that is expected when you read a story because it helps the reader fill in the blanks. What I am saying is that you have to give them faults in order to make it real. Even Clark Kent wore eyeglasses so we wouldn’t immediately* see him as the perfection that is superman.

So, the question here is–how do we write characters that have these faults but are still believable as the types we want them to be? Sure prescription glasses are something, but I mean other more interesting faults that people can relate to. One that comes to mind is clumsy Bella in Twilight. To me, this really stuck out, so I guess what I am wanting to see is characters that have flaws that blend into the story and make it better. Ugh… that kind of sounds hard just thinking about it.

So, now that I’ve decided the answer isn’t just some really kickin’ eyeglass frames, I have a lot of thinking to do about characters and their flaws. Which means I am going to turn it over you, dear readers…

So, what flaws do you like to see in your books?

*Why can I never spell immediately right the first time? I feel like I should write it 100x on a sheet of notebook paper just to learn it.
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