Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-16

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  • I may or may not be reading @StaciaKane's next novel and it may or may not be BRILLIANT (as in it is… oh yes it is.) #
  • I'm blog topic-less today… any ideas? #
  • RT @kierstenwhite is THRILLED to announce that she and @harperteen are getting married and making three books babies. SQUEE!!! #
  • Reading book two of Gallagher Girls by @OfficiallyAlly. You guys were right… I do like em! #
  • I guess I could go to the book store… GASP! #
  • The last two are available on the kindle… but the first Gallagher girls is not… lesigh. #
  • OKay, I want to read the first Gallagher Girls, but I don't think it's available in ebook form! GASP! #
  • I need something to read! Since @rhondastapleton's book isn't out yet… someone tell me what YA to buy! #
  • Is it against the rules to go to Barnes & Noble and put your book on the front best selling shelf? 🙂 #
  • Do you think my husband woukd notice if while he was gone tonight I traded in my jeep for a mini Cooper? #
  • Why is it that I don't think I am smart enough to make a book trailer like all the rest of you… how are you guys doing that? #
  • Thanks for the congrats! I love you ALL! #
  • I know it's a crazyday! #
  • Two partial requests in one day? #
  • YUS. I love partial requests!!! #
  • ME: Hey, come up stairs with me to clean Daughter: Sure, but only if I get to be naked … #
  • ugh, my blog has been at 89 followers for like a decade… will it ever get to 100? #
  • RT @GrammarGirl: Via CrackerJacks: A typical pencil can write 45,000 words or draw a line 35 miles long. #
  • I wrote a little book review on a book I read earlier this week, oh yes I did. #
  • Okay, the dirty spam I can handle… but who put me on the conservative republicans mailing list? NOT FUNNY. #okayitsalittlefunny #
  • I feel like my characters need to do something radical ya know? #
  • Just got caught dancing in my chair at Starbucks… I should really stop wearing headphones. #
  • So Harlequin Teen, are the like a YA division for just romance or are they gonna do other stuff too? #
  • Dammit, I am so not a juicy girl, but that plaid laptop bag is c-ute! #
  • Have you guys read Donut Days by @larazielin? It was good stuff! #
  • I'm sleepy. Word. #
  • New Book… Steampunk… Love. 🙂 #
  • but mom, what if I don't wanna be leet anymore? #
  • You know what I appreciate about the writing twitter community… we spend the better part of most mornings just searching the internet … #
  • Yup… that's the creepiest thing I've seen today. (scroll down) #
  • Bah! I hate when blogs make me cry… or I love it… can't decide! #
  • I love headphones… they make starbucks laptop time AWESOME! #
  • My Author Bio: On occasion, I enjoy a nice coconut drink, or accidently ending up in a downpour. I hate stretching, and am quite intelligent #
  • Dude, I have to write an author bio with this partial… I dont even know what to say! #
  • Partial request? Yeah… I'll take that! Woot! #
  • RT @lupin_bebop: – This is for @jamieharrington #
  • Sigh.. Sometimes texans embarass me. #
  • My partner in crime: #
  • My 4yo made a poster at camp today. Check out her favorite book. #
  • haha now they're talking in hushed whispers about the harlot next to them with pink hair and one of those VAMPIRE shirts on! #
  • Having lunch with my laptop, and the people next to me are VERY concerned about the seedy liberal agenda. #
  • True blood was so good tonight! That show is the cliffhanger king! #
  • About to watch tonight's True Blood–oh yes I am! #
  • An Orlando bloom pez dispenser? #
  • Why don't authors build big online communities around their books? #

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