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This Mom Taught Her Son A Lesson After He Was Bullying Other Kids and Parents Are Applauding Her

Bullying has always been a thing, but for kids today it is even worse! When you have access to social media it takes it all to a whole different level. It’s more than someone calling you a name at school or tripping you as you walk down the hallway.

It’s now people hiding behind fake names on the internet. Posting photos, videos, and ganging up on kids and adults too for that matter.

Things need to change. Kids are literally ending their life because of being bullied. Well, one mom decided to do something about it

I’m not raising bullies!!!

Chandra Roberts

She found out that her own son was bullying a kid. She said the kid was the nicest kid ever, and the boy was brave enough to let this mother know what her son was doing to him. He was hurting so badly and this mom teamed up with the mother of another child that was involved and made things right.

My child, my own son, made fun of him, taunted him, threatened him, and belittled him to the point where he had enough. This young man stood up for himself and sent me a message on Facebook, along with screen shots, of what my child was doing to him.

Chandra Roberts

Some parents would have shrugged it off and been like… “kids will be kids”, not Chandra though. She said NOPE and took action along with another mother whose son was involved in the bullying.

Between her and I, we became a force to be reckoned with and that’s when the scared straight tactic went into place with the help of Corey Anderson and the Louisiana Police Department.

Chandra Roberts

They contacted Corey Anderson who is running for the Pike County Sheriff’s seat. He went in on his day off to help these moms get their kids back on track! What an amazing man!.

After 5 hours of interrogation, with the help from us moms, wearing jump suits, having the bullied child and his mother come to the station as well, being placed in holding cells, being cuffed, and picking out cold TV dinners for food, the reality of their actions sunk in.

Chandra Roberts

Heck to the yea mamas! I support you 100%! This is how you make change! The world we live in can be so dark and you showed your kids a better path. I applaud you and thank you for doing what you did!

The time has come for tough parenting to come back and these kids who act like Barney Badasses need to know the consequences of their actions and words! I have taken away phone, XBOX, and going to the Pike County Fair. They are not allowed to be up past 10:00 anymore and they are now going to be woken up at 7:30 to start the day working. I’m going to call local churches to see if they need volunteers to clean so he can learn the value of a hard days work.

Chandra Roberts

Some of us are too quick to think that are children are always perfect little angels. I’m not saying any of these kids are bad kids, but kids do dumb stuff and make mistakes. It is our jobs as parents to help guide them down the right paths and learn from their mistakes!

I always told my children that they get one get out of jail free card with me and that’s it. Connor used his at 14 years old. I told him the next time he will sit in jail and figure out his own way on how to get out.

Chandra Roberts

So, can I like… join your mom gang, Chandra? Because I think you are totally the bomb!