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Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows Are Back This Year And Now Fall Can Begin

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Jet-Puffed is bringing back their Pumpkin Spice flavored marshmallows this fall, and I’m more than ready!

It’s starting, y’all!!! Pumpkin Spice Season is starting, and I’m straight up giddy!

It’s my FAVORITE time of year! Sweaters, scarves, hot chocolate, falling leaves, and everything PSL. I’ve been stalking my local Starbucks, asking daily when they are going to get their first shipments of Pumpkin Spice. Unfortunately, nobody knows.

But, you know what we DO know? Jet-Puffed is bringing back their Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows, and I’m going to stock up!

Courtesy of Jet-Puffed

They are going to have a little bit of a new design — it looks like the marshmallows, themselves, might be just a tad smaller — and the bag is more bright, an ode to all things fall, but they are still going to have that pumpkin spice flavor, and I can’t wait.


On the BACK of the bag, you will find a recipe for Pumpkin Spice Crispy Treats. My mouth is, legit, watering.


Y’all. Last year I put these pumpkin spice marshmallows in coffee, hot chocolate, and even made s’mores with these tasty treats. You haven’t LIVED, until you’ve had a pumpkin spice s’more. OMG!!

Oh, trust me, I’m not against shoving them in my mouth as a plain-Jane poppable treat

Be watching the shelves of your local favorite grocery store. These marshmallows are going to drop before you know it, and you are going to want to be among the FIRST to get them.

Courtesy of Jet-Puffed

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