Twinkies Mint Chocolate Flavor Are Here

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What’s this I see, Twinkies? Two of my favorite flavors — Mint and Chocolate — brought together in my favorite snack cake?

Credit: junkpickers

Yes, please!!

I wouldn’t say I simply love Twinkies snack cakes. I would say I’m an avid connoisseur of the sponge-cake, cream-filled perfection.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the original Twinkies or one of the other Twinkies flavors, I love them all!

OMG! Have you tried the Chocolate Twinkies?!? Gah!

Now, for a LIMITED TIME, Twinkies has THESE totally-amazing Mint Chocolate Twinkies!

The perfection of a chocolate sponge cake — stuffed with a cool mint cream filling — is simply amazing!

These have been spotted at Walmart for less than $3.50! Go get them before everybody else realizes they are there. They will be GONE before you know it!

Can you imagine these as a deep fried Twinkie? I just might die.

I may have to figure out how to do this, and try it today!

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