Dunkin’ Is Giving Away Free Coffee On National Coffee Day. Here’s How You Can Get Yours.

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We all know National Coffee Day is next week and…what, you guys don’t have a countdown?

Well I sure do because I am a coffee addict and I’m here to tell you, that next Tuesday is indeed free coffee day! 


Since we are approaching that date very quickly, Dunkin’ is officially claiming National Coffee Day, “National Dunkin’ Day”, woohoo! 

To prepare for National Dunkin’ Day, the popular coffee chain is offering a free medium iced or hot coffee with any additional purchase off the menu. 


May I suggest their hash browns as your additional purchase, you can never go wrong with their bite sized potato snacks. 


As Dunkin’ quotes “first I drink the coffee then I do the stuff” and I don’t think I’ve ever related to a more accurate quote in my life! “America runs on Dunkin'”, more like I run on Dunkin’ before I can even start the day.


No seriously, it’s a snooze fest if I don’t go on my daily coffee run in the morning.

Now if only National Dunkin’ Day can be a national holiday every day. Let me just say, thank you Dunkin’ for this wonderful opportunity!

FYI National Coffee Day is September 29, 2020.


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