Walmart Says Employees Won’t Turn Customers Away For Not Wearing A Mask

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What is the point? Are we not grown adults? Do we not CHOOSE to go into a business, and know their rules BEFORE we walk in the doors?

Walmart is so afraid of confrontation, they are now not expecting their employees at the front door to enforce the mask requirement.

I see several problems here.
1) Grown adults can’t be trusted to ACT like grown adults.
2) Walmart makes a REQUIREMENT to wear a face mask, and people KNOW the rules before they CHOOSE to walk in the doors, but because people can’t act like grownups, and follow the rules, Walmart is now not enforcing the rule. This is just asinine.
3) If Walmart can’t enforce the face mask rule, they need to be enforcing the rule where only elderly and immunocompromised shop between 7am and 8am.

Anti-maskers have sparked violent incidents at stores, restaurants and other businesses over requirements to wear them. A security guard at a Family Dollar store in Michigan was shot and killed in May after he told a customer to wear a mask


Because of such incidents, Walmart has backed off of enforcing their mask requirement.

“With every requirement there are exceptions that have been established to avoid escalating the situation and putting our associates in harm’s way,” a Walmart representative told CNN: “Our goal is to keep associates from a physical confrontation in the stores.”

I feel I need to say: It is a CHOICE to shop at Walmart. They are ALLOWING people to shop in their store. It isn’t a right. Know your place. Be an adult. Follow the rules, get in, get what you need, get out. The end. How hard is that?!?

I’m not talking to “YOU.” I mean, the collective “YOU.” I’m talking about “YOU” as a society.

Walmart has what they are calling “Health Ambassadors” standing at the door to “remind” people to wear masks, but they aren’t supposed to argue if someone doesn’t want to wear a mask.

These “Health Ambassadors” can offer the offending customer a face mask, but if the customer doesn’t take it, they aren’t to stop them from shopping in the store.

I understand not EVERYONE can wear a face mask. I know there are legit medical problems that keep people from following the mask rule. I’m not saying these people need to put that mask on.

But, if you are just being a bully, just trying to cause trouble, just seeing how far you can get with your “rights,” might I kindly suggest you just stop. These employees are people, too.

Just follow the dang rules. Be a grownup. If you choose to shop at these businesses that require masks, WEAR THE MASK.

On a side note: did you know that Walmart is planning to get rid of all plastic shopping bags? Here is what we know.

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  1. Well what about thoes of us who can’t wear them cause of breathing issues, if I were to wear one I’d end up in the hospital. Its not a law to wear a mask. And guess what thoes who are supposed to wear the mask are thoes who have or possibly have COVID-19 not people who do not have it. Does anybody pay attention to the CDC?

    1. You may need to NOT go to establishments that require a mask of you are unable to wear one. We (my husband and I) DO wear masks when we leave our home, as a sign of being responsible, considerate adults,(you’re welcome) you should consider staying in the safety of your home if it’s difficult to wear a mask. Think of it as your contribution to bring a responsible, considerate adult.
      And it’s THOSE, both thoes.
      Best of luck to you.

      1. Thank you for standing up for “US” people who follow the rules.

  2. This article is commentary on WalMart’s announcement and I consider it to be misleading. I am a security guard at one of the WalMart’s in Texas. We are still requiring masks, and turning customers away if they do not have one. The Original announcement simply clarifies that if a customer gets riled up, we are not required to put ourselves further into harms way by escalating the situation further. This DOES happen, i have been physically threatened by a customer because he didn’t want to wear a mask, and announcement or no, I would not have attempted to physically block his entrance. That would be both dangerous and illegal.

  3. So when you have to have a mark on your forhead or hand to be able to shop in that store, you going to follow that rule as well? Because when you take those marks you just signed your eternal lease for HELL! They have to start somewhere making America bow down. Start with something simple. (Like waring a mask) and move on up from there. The government will soon be in control of you!

  4. She should blow it out her arse not her ears

  5. If masks work so well why do we still have to wear them? And why start with the masks 3 months after the fact….do you know anyone who is sick? I didn’t think so.

  6. First off the writer evidently wasn’t pointing fingers at themselves about being adult about the choice of people to wear a mask or not.

    If wal-mart says they will not turn away a customer for not wearing a mask then the writer just disqualified themselves to write a statement on the matter.

    1st they required it then people who don’t want to wear a mask or can’t wear a mask rebelled.

    2nd now they won’t enforce it or turn you away meaning they won’t enforce it. Now people like the writer who thinks everyone who complains about wearing a mask isn’t being an adult.

    Are now not being an adult. . . . you see how that works. If you knew anything about humility you wouldn’t have even wrote this articles.

    So I will go back to being an Adult! and let the kiddies respond.

  7. how about you tell walmart to open all doors for entry and exit so that there is enough space to provide 6ft apart and stop herding people like cattle in one entrance. How is that any better than not wearing a mask? You come closer than 6ft from another person when walking in one entrance, not sure who had the smart idea to do that but its worse than no mask. Plus, the masks don’t do anything to protect you or the other person; people are still getting sick and no its not just because people are not wearing them.

    1. I don’t understand why Walmart hasn’t been sued for closing down an entrance that is totally against fire code!

      1. It is still an emergency exit, so thats how they got around that.

  8. People are so judgmental- Not everyone can wear a mask. I have health problems and only go out when necessary, use pick up when I can, because as an adult who can not wear a mask I try and do what’s right. But there are times when I have to go into a store without a mask. Then I do try to keep my mouth shut – stay 6 feet away avoid other people as much as possible. But just because I am not wearing a mask does not make me irresponsible! People reporting all this false news, and twisting facts are the ones acting irresponsibly .

  9. Same thing at Publix. These mandatory masks are jokes. The only place where I’ve seen it enforced are smaller stores in the mall and COSTCO.


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