You Can Get A Baby Yoda Monopoly That Has Little Baby Yoda Game Pieces

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You know what would make me happy right now? More baby yoda!

Courtesy of Disney

While we have to wait for the next season of The Mandalorian, there are some other ways we can get our daily dose of Baby Yoda aka The Child.

One of those ways is with this adorable Baby Yoda Monopoly!

Hasbro is releasing a limited-edition Baby Yoda Monopoly and OMG I need it!

My kids are truly going to love playing as Baby Yoda and guess what? No fighting over that adorable little green fella because, everyone can play as Baby Yoda.

There are four different Baby Yoda game pieces in different poses such as eating a frog, using the force, drinking a cup of broth, and sitting in the Hoverpram- AHHH!

The game swaps out chance and community chest cards for Camtono and Bounty Puck cards, houses and hotels for hideouts and common houses and features places and objects from The Mandalorian such as Cup of Broth, a Frog, Tracking FOB, Razor Crest Cockpit, and Razor Crest Storage Bay.

The Baby Yoda or the Monopoly: Star Wars The Child is currently available for preorder for $19.99 and is expected to ship out on its release date of September 1.

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