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You Can Get An Entire Bag of Peach Jolly Rancher Candies and My Life Is Complete

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The timing of this is amazing! I have been craving Jolly Rancher candies a lot lately! I haven’t craved them like this in years!

Now Jolly Rancher has brought back the Peach flavor and you can get an entire bag of just the peach flavor!


Users all over Instagram have posted that they have spotted them at Dollar General stores! Apparently, after they discontinued the peach flavor people started a petition to bring them back! Talk about the power of the people!


A full bag filled with peach Jolly Ranchers! That is a true flavor of summer and I can not wait to pick up a bag! I should probably grab a few because everyone in this house has been stealing my Jolly Ranchers!


You may be able to find them at other stores too, but the Peach Jolly Rancher flavor may be an exclusive product for Dollar General.


You can also find the Pickle Flavored Doritos there! I know where I’ll be headed tomorrow!


I still need to try the Tropical Jolly Rancher flavors as well! Have you tried them? I usually stick with the traditional mixed bag that has been around forever. It’s probably time to expand my candy selection!


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