Gorillas Posing For Selfies With The Men Who Keep Them Safe Will Make You So Happy

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Sometimes I just need to see something happy, and these gorillas posing for selfies with the selfless men who work to keep them safe from poachers just does just that.


The Elite AntiPoaching Unit on Facebook fights for the conservation and anti-poaching of some of the world’s most endangered and amazing animals.


They spend a lot of time up close and personal time with them. In the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo a group of Rangers protects and cares for the animals.


Spending so much time with such majestic creatures leads to a LOT of killer selfies, and it turns out that the gorillas have gotten in on the action.


The gorillas like to pose for the pictures as much as the humans do! You can read more about their mission of conservation and preservation and donate here.

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