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McCormick Seasonings Are Getting Rid Of Their Iconic Red Lids. Here’s What We Know.

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We all have a bottle or four of McCormick seasonings in our spice cabinet.

We can pick a McCormick bottle out of the spice lineup by its signature red lid.

But, after 40 years, those iconic red lids are getting a little makeover.


Yikes, right? How the heck will we be able to pick out our McCormick spices without those red lids?

Don’t worry. They will still stand out among the mass of spices we have accumulated in our cabinets.

Our new bottle redesign is not only a milestone celebration for the brand, but for our home cooks as well


McCormick is moving to SnapTight™ lids, which will make sure that their bottles stay closed tight.

This move to a new lid is supposed to lock in flavor and freshness to keep your spices tasting excellent.


I mean, I thought that screwing the lids shut locked in the flavor, but what do I know?!? LOL!!

This new SnapTight™ lid is supposed to be even better.


These changes deliver a new standard when it comes to our passion and continued pursuit of flavor.


According to a McCormick press release, this is more “than just a packaging change.”

These new bottles have been “tested and preferred by customers,” and they are supposed to really keep the spices and herbs as close to fresh as a dried spice can get.


An improved bottling process draws out excess air during filling, reducing the amount of oxygen inside which can impact freshness over time; and new proprietary SnapTight™ lids audibly seal in flavor, so herbs and spices remain fresher, longer.


McCormick is also updating the packaging to better be able to view the herbs and spices inside the bottles.

Don’t worry. There will still be a bright splash of red on the lids — easy to pick out of the crowd.


Now, they are just going to include a black, SnapTight™ top.

The lids will also have the spice name, as well as the best-by-date printed right on the lid.


That WILL be helpful. Do you know how many times I have needed — let’s say garlic salt — but I can’t pick it right out from the sea of red lids in the cabinet?

This new lid just might be a game changer, and I actually can’t wait.


McCormick is rolling out the new SnapTight™ lids now, so be looking for them in your local grocery stores.

Happy cooking!!


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