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Looks Like Kim Kardashian Is Getting The Main House in The Divorce and The Reason Is Perfect

Well, the Kim and Kayne divorce are officially underway.

Kim Kardashian

As days pass, more and more information regarding their divorce is released and in case you want to stay on top of it, we’ve got you.

Kim Kardashian

One thing that has fans wondering is, who will get the main Hidden Hills mansion?

Turns out, Kim will and with good reason!

According to TMZ, Kim is getting the house so Kim and Kayne’s 4 children can stay in the home they’ve lived in their entire lives.

Kim Kardashian

Basically, both Kayne and Kim want to offer the kids some stability during this difficult time.

Honestly, that is pretty dang incredible.

Kim Kardashian

I have to say, while the world watches these two go through one of the hardest things in life (divorce) it’s nice to see that they are keeping the best interests of the kids in mind.

Good for them!

Kim Kardashian

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