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600,000 Teens Have Gotten Their First Dose Of The COVID Vaccine. Will You Let Your Kids Get Vaccinated?

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Last week, we brought you the news that Pfizer had just approved the COVID-19 Vaccine for children 12 to 15 years old.

It seems like this has been positive news for parents and teens alike.

The United States administered COVID-19 vaccinations to around 600,000 children ages 12 to 15 last week after regulators cleared Pfizer’s shots for use in that age group


President Biden has a goal to have 70% of the US population vaccinated by July 4th.

Now, he was HOPING for that 70% number to reflect the ADULT population, but the fact that the vaccine can now be given to younger teens only helps that number.

Vaccinating adolescents will bring us closer to having 70% to 85% of the total population vaccinated, which experts say is needed to achieve herd immunity.


This is good news for teens, because they will safely be able to participate in things like camps and sports, where there are larger crowds, without fear — or more importantly — without masks!

They will also (cautiously) be able to attend class next year without the fear of COVID, as all the social distancing measures are beginning to relax a bit as more and more people are becoming fully vaccinated.

Dr. Rochelle Walensy, the director of the CDC, said that she is “cautiously optimistic as #COVID19 cases continued to decrease & we are vaccinating between 1.5 & 2 million people per day, incl. more than 600,000 12-15 year-olds last week.”

She goes on to say that 3.5 million adolescents age 12 to 17 have been vaccinated so far.”

So far, Pfizer is the only vaccine that has been approved for use in those under the age of 16.

Now, it’s true, COVID-19 does not seem to be as severe in adolescents as it has proven to be in the adult population.

BUT, kids CAN still contract the illness.

There have also been reported cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) in children, with about 3,700 kids with a COVID diagnosis going on to develop the inflammation syndrome that can harm organ systems in the body including the brain, kidneys, heart, and lungs.

Scary Mommy

This is why it is SO important that we consider getting our teens and adolescents vaccinated for the virus.

And, good news, Anthony Fauci, the TOP U.S. infectious disease specialist thinks that by the end of the year, they will have enough safety data to vaccinate those YOUNGER than 12!

Top U.S. infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci said he expects that by the end of 2021 the United States will have enough safety data to vaccinate children of any age.


What do YOU think?

Have you vaccinated your teen? Do you think you’ll get your kids vaccinated?

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  2. im sorry that shot made me retarded:( me bad boi

  3. its not worth it, ive been fine this whole pandemic because I take percaution… you expect me to take this vaccine when stuff like heartburn medication and stuff causes cancer? i know how to stay safe so I’m never taking that stupid shot, why gamble on it?

  4. breaking news 600’000 teens ded from vaccine:( screw the vaccine

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