‘Milk Coke’ Is The New Beverage Trend and I Want To Try It

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People are putting Milk in their Coca Cola, and I didn’t know this wasn’t a thing.

All you do is take a glass of soda — filled about 2/3 full — and put a few tablespoons of milk in it. If you OVER milk it, you’re doing it wrong.


The thicker the milk, the better. So, cream is the BEST.


Really, though, why is this much different than a Coke Float? It isn’t as sweet, I guess, but same idea.


Of course, the Twitterverse had a lot to say on the matter, with some people loving the concoction, some people hating the mixture, and some too chicken to try it.

I mean, I don’t drink it that way on the regular, but I have made an adult beverage for years — called a Colorado Bulldog — using milk, cola, vodka, and a touch of Kahlúa. It’s a White Russian, but with the sweetness of cola added. It’s so good!!


You should TOTALLY give Milk Coke a try!


Now, I’m not sure I would try THIS mixture of strawberry yogurt, and milk, with Coke, but to each their own.

Speaking of strange Coke concoctions, have you tried peanuts with your Coke? My husband swears by it.


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