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This Food Truck Owner Shared How Much GrubHub Takes From Earnings To Encourage Ordering Directly

Apps like Grubhub have made it super convenient to stay safe indoors while also delivering our favorite foods right to our doorstep.

However, as it might be our savior for a large percentage of us, it’s a curse for restaurant and food trucks owners.

Food truck owner Giuseppe Badalamenti, of Chicago Pizza Boss in Westmont, Illinois has shared his thoughts on food delivering apps.

As you can see from Badalamenti’s screenshots, Grubhub charges 4 fees, all of which include commission, delivery commission, a processing fee and promotions. Occasionally, an order adjustment fee will also be added to the list of charges if a customer has a complaint and changes their order.

Boy that’s a lot of charges!

For Badalamenti, his total sales after all deductions from GrubHub, is ALMOST enough to cover his food costs, after over $1,000 in orders.

“It was just so outrageous. The frustration out there with all these independent operators is unanimous, said Badalamenti to the Chicago Tribune.”

Giuseppe Badalamenti, food truck owner

This was Grubhub’s response,

“Restaurant owners select the services they want and only pay a commission to GrubHub when we help generate sales. GrubHub is happy to work with restaurant partners to help them manage costs and grow their business, said Grubhub to the Chicago Tribune.” 


So according to Grubhub, restaurant owners understand ahead of time, what services and fees are included and what charges they are responsible to pay for.

So whether or not you prefer to order delivery through the app or for pickup, now we know exactly how much of our money is supporting the restaurant we order from.