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You Can Crochet Tiny Little Dogs and Now I Want To Make Them All

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I love dogs almost more than any other animal that exists. I have been obsessed with these tiny crochet projects! Like the tiny crochet dragons or the tiny crochet octopus and whale. Have you looked at them? They are so itty bitty!

Now I bring you the tiny crocheted dogs!


First I want to talk to you about this pug! My youngest daughter is obsessed with the Pug dog breed. She wants one so badly, but we already have 4 dogs! I think we could fit one of these tiny little pups in though!


She has detailed instructions and a pattern available for FREE to make the tiny Pug! Your finished Pug will be about 5 cm (2 in) tall! They would make great keychains!


Maybe you’re more of a Dalmatian lover? Guess what? They have a tiny pattern for Dalmatians as well! This one is a paid pattern, but it is super affordable and can be found on Etsy!


This mini Boxer puppy tiny crochet pattern kind of pulled at my heartstrings! Even though I do not currently have one, boxers have always been my favorite breed! Look how adorable!


This mini boxer puppy crochet pattern is also available on Etsy! It is actually on sale right now! This little guy will end up being about 3.7″ (9.5 cm) in size!


What about a little palm-sized Chihuahua!! Oh my gosh! It is so adorable! This is one that I need!


Just look at it! Those ears! You can get this one on Etsy too and the pattern is super cheap! If that isn’t tiny enough for you, check out the one below!


I wouldn’t believe this was even possible if I wasn’t sitting here looking at the images! This is a micro-mini Chihuahua!


This is probably one of the cutest things I have come across in my entire life! The amount of detail in something so tiny is absolutely mind blowing!


This one doesn’t have a pattern that I can find, but you can buy the finished product! It isn’t cheap, but I can only imagine how hard this was to make and I would have to say the price is well deserved!


You can get a pattern to make this long hair mini Maltese though! it is only 1.6 (40mm) inches long and 1.2” (30mm) tall.


It can sit right on your finger! The pattern for this mini Maltese is available on Etsy!


Want a cute mini, but don’t want to do the work? You can buy this completed long haired mini Maltese! Look at that bow!


You can buy this adorable little show girl on Etsy! Totally worth it if this is your breed! I have found so many and there is no possible way to list them all. But I will leave you with one more…


You can’t get much cuter than a Corgi! This little one is already made for you!


You can get your own little fluff butt miniature Corgi on Etsy! I am so in love! Now can someone make me a miniature Great Dane, please?


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