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An ‘American Horror Story’ Spin-Off Series Is Coming And We Are Here For It

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With Season 10 of American Horror Story coming soon this year, the show has more news to tell fans of the hit show! 

Ryan Murphy, creator of AHS, is reuniting the cast once again for a very special project.


I hope you’re sitting, because this announcement much like the show itself, is thrilling and exciting!


Breaking the news on Instagram with a cast reunion photo via a Zoom call, Murphy has announced that the show will have its very own spin-off series called ‘American Horror Stories’! That’s with an “s” people!

And apparently, the spin-off is already in the works with reportedly one hour episodes!


So while we’re waiting for season 10 to premiere, we can also look forward to their spin off series which I have no doubt, will be just as amazing!


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