This TikTok Video Shows Coronavirus As A Mathematical Equation and My Mind is Blown

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We have all been wondering what this crazy virus known as COVID-19 really is.

We know we have to WASH our hands, and use ALL the hand sanitizer — and apparently all the toilet paper?

But, what is this mysteries virus known as COVID-19?

I think we have our answer, people!

All it takes, is writing it down, and figuring it out scientifically.

Or, maybe it’s mathematically? I don’t know.

Whatever it is — I think Samthullesen on TikTok deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for this one!

He has cracked the code, and can finally tell us what the coronavirus is, once and for all.

COVID-19 is the contamination of the human world from the perils of the fictional universe.


Watch the video below. It explains EVERYTHING.


CORONAVIRUS = SOLVED ##PlayWithLife ##normalpeople ##FYP ##coronavirus @emilythullesen

♬ original sound – samthullesen

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