Chick-Fil-A is Going to Start Selling Bottles of Their Signature Sauces In Stores and I’m So Happy

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It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love Chick-Fil-A. Their food is Totally The Bomb!


And their sauces are one of a kind. I personally LOVE the Chick-fil-a Sauce, as well as the Polynesian Sauce.


Due to it’s popularity, Chick-Fil-A has decided to join the grocery business and will start selling 16 oz bottles of their Signature Sauces to stores such as Target and Wal-Mart, starting in Florida.


The bottles are suspected to cost between $3-$4.

The best part is that all of the proceeds of the bottles will go towards Chick-Fil-a’s scholarship fund for their employees! Even more reason to buy them!


We are so excited for Chick-Fil-A to enter the retail world. Now I need them to work on bottling up their Avocado Lime Ranch Dressing for me! Here’s to hoping.


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