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Aldi Is Selling White Cheddar and Everything Bagels And I Need Them

So my parents and I just discovered Aldi this past summer. If you haven’t heard of Aldi much like my family and I didn’t, you’ll never turn back to your regular go to grocery store!

Aldi is a discounted supermarket that has just about everything your regular grocery store sells! Aldi even has their own brands you can purchase!

The best thing about Aldi is that every time my parents and I grocery shopped, our bill was always cut in half. Some of their products are super unique and only sold at Aldi chains, much like this product you’re about to find out about!

When it comes to bagels, I feel like every one has their special “go to order”. For me, my favorite bagel is either the Sun Dried Tomato or Sesame Seed with butter. The days of just ordering a regular plain bagel are over and done with.

At Aldi, you can now get White Cheddar and Everything Bagels, how good does that sound!

These White Cheddar and Everything bagels are packed with onion, garlic and of course, white cheddar!

Packaged with five tasty bagels, these might be my new to go to bagel! Hopefully this type of bagel starts selling nationwide!

I can’t wait to sink my teeth into of these White Cheddar and Everything bagels!

The bagel even looks delicious on the packaging!

Aldi also sells Everything Bagel seasoning, and I’m thinking that I might combine the two to get that extra taste of an Everything Bagel, yum!

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